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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Week 36 July 6, 2015 Independence Day

Week 36 July 6, 2015
Independence Day! July 4, 1776!!!

This week was a pretty darn amazing week, if you ask me! Wednesday we had a rdv with ... and refined .... date for Saturday the 11th! Oh I am so happy!! XXX chose me to baptize...! I am very honored. This XXX is a very elect XXX. Even our new mission president expressed this. When Elder Douglas and I were talking to president brown about XXXX, president mentioned he felt a fire about XXX that he had never felt about an engagé in his life. We all agree that XXX is a very special XXX and that God has something special XXX!

So on Thursday and Friday, when we had this conference, we went to Switzerland! I have officially been to every country in the mission! And I absolutely love President and Sister Brown! They are the leaders for this mission. I feel that and am certain that the Lord has chosen them. It is a great love and I feel like President Brown and I will be working together more closely in the future.

Saturday we celebrated the Fourth of July with a part of my future family! The famille Paoletti had us over and cooked us meat American style. That family is probably the best family I have met here in Dijon. Elder Ghirelli was very correct about them. Oh and happy fourth!

Sunday was chill. Church was good, and XXX was interactive with the youth in the ward. And today we went around Dijon with XXX and did some shopping. He helped me pick out some jeans with some French style and I bought some scarves for my women haha ok my women are my family members, but still ;) and then we all ate lunch together and had a yummy kebab! They are actually pretty good!

I have a busy week this week. An exchange tomorrow, Thursday is district meeting, Friday we are going to Bienne Switzerland and blitzing there. And a baptism on Saturday!! Yay!!!! So that is my week! I will talk to you all later! Stay cool! 
Love,   Elder Martin :)  

I have enough change to make obama proud!

A super crazy rain storm that hit us out of nowhere. it was much needed!! it hasn’t cooled down in a few weeks!!! more than 90 for severe days!! oh man last night was the best night I have had in a while! so cool and fresh.
This is the family Paoletti. He is the cousin of the cousin of Julia, and she lived in Albi a long time ago and became an older sister in the church to  And their little bébé Alicia :) she is the cutest thing ever!! I would blow on her face and she would shake her head like she was a dog out the car window haha she is absolutely adorable! He is in the military and he let us come over and celebrate the 4th with a bbq! he said he loves fighting in battle with the Americans on his side haha this family is so great!

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  1. Hi Martin, it's Pierre. I wanted to ask you to remove every content about me published in your blog. I consider my conversion to mormonism as a mistake that need to be erased. I hope you will understand.