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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Week 34 June 22, 2015 Good Bye Mission President

Week 34   June 22, 2015

Hello! I am doing well! This week has been alright. Not too bad, but nothing special. It was a really good weekend though. It starts on Friday! We had a conference to send off our mission president. He is a good guy and everyone will miss him. But the thing that made me the happiest was being with all of the missionaries. They were very nice to me and actually seemed interested in me! I don't want to sound selfish, but it made me feel loved with all the attention I got. It really made me happy. On Saturday, my zone came to our apartment to blitz our ville. This means that we had 12 missionaries in the city of Dijon going around doing missionary work. We got collectively 104 conversations with people, 17 lessons taught, 4 rendezvous fixed, and several other numbers for potential investigators. Not only that, but we bonded and came closer together as a family. I absolutely love my zone! These missionaries are some of the best that I have been around. I enjoy their love and am happy that we get to serve together! The climax of the day was when I got to engage our investigator to baptism! The date is set for the 1st of August and we are all super excited!

On Sunday I really enjoyed church. It felt good to take the sacrament and to feel clean, and to feel the power of the Lord working in me to make me a better person. I actually got to pass the sacrament on Sunday. It had been the first time in about three years. It was very good for me to do that. It made me feel special and needed. I was able to distribute the means by which these people could also become clean once more and enjoy the power of the Lord in their lives as well. I don't really know if words can describe it. But it is something that I miss dearly. 

I accidentally deleted the other email, oops! Haha but I have this one. It is a beautiful day here :) not too hot nor cold. And me and Elder Douglas are very good together so that makes it all good too. I am worried about these college girls, though. I am hoping that they all leave to go back home now that school is done..... I actually fixed a night with a high school girl to go and teach her family. I thought she was a mom because of the way her younger sister and brother were flocking behind her hahaha she was 17.... I am trying to work with an Irish! She is staying with one of the member families here and I absolutely love her accent! Oh man! Something about Ireland! Haha

Well I get to go to Switzerland a few times this transfer so I will try to get some chocolate for everyone and some mustard too! I know I won't have much use for the mustard, but I might eat a lot of chocolate haha I actually found a mustard that I liked. We might have had a miracle!

Well I love everyone and I hope that you all have a good week! I love you all!

Elder Martin :)
Four guys on one bed... It's ok! It's France!
President and Sister Roney are leaving  :,(  They will be missed....

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