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Sunday, July 12, 2015

July 12, 2015 A note from the MOM.


Back in April 2015 our son was dealing with some of personal challenges. I just focused on getting his emails each week and supporting him. And I thought I would just update his blog later with the pictures and some of his comments. It's summer now and I have time to concentrate on his blog.

YIKES!!! 14 WEEKS have gone by!! I almost said "to heck with this". Of course I didn't. It's taken me the whole week to copy and paste and edit and save and check my home email and work email for his letters (emails). There are still issues with some of the pages that I couldn't fix. Like the white background when you copy and paste. Ahhh that drives me nuts.

Never put off for tomorrow what I should have done yesterday or today.  Or something like  I'm sorry to all for my lack of updating but here it is!!! I'm very excited to have accomplished feat because I'm expecting his next email tomorrow morning.  I hope summer is treating you well and remember to keep all the missionaries in your prayers.  Thank you, Nancy

ps I really miss him.

I am blessed to work for the high school and be a part of his high school graduation ceremony. June 2014

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