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Monday, December 29, 2014

Week 9, December 29, 2014 Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!! That's a really crazy time to stay up late! (I had told him how I'd stayed up until about 5am) You are like me Jake and Calvin! I wish I could sleep in.... I'm always tired....

Yeah! That's 3rd Ward! They are great! I really love the Swanbergs! They are all super great! The whole family!

Christmas was nice :) It was good to see everyone :) it made me really happy :) 

My week was alright. I went on an exchange with the Zone leader in Nice so I spent the day there. It was pretty fun. Nice is pretty. We spent a lot of time with the members. They really love us here. I'm thankful we are blessed with such good members. Especially our ward mission leader! The WML's son sent me a friend request and you should accept it for me! and talk to him! His name is Vincent! He is the one you met on Skype. Great kid! Just got back from serving his mission :) 

Today we had no p-day at all.... we came to Cannes to move somebody and it took all day. We are just now getting our emails! crazy and long and I'm exhausted. The whole mission thing is hard... I will keep trying though. The train money comes from the mission and we get more money at the beginning of each month. There were just many complicated things. First they cut me short for coming in late. Then we had to pay for restaurant meals for two weeks for being in Lyon... and so yeah we were short on money. (he was telling us how they had to ride the train to Cannes and Nice and just try and avoid the Conductor because they have no "ticket")

I miss animals.... I miss our kitty too... But he is with me. He is helping me just like he helped me before. He is with me. I truly believe that.

I will look for a heart rock! that will be great! Tell Sis Bailey hello for me and tell her I love her!

Thank you so much for the card that you sent me... It made me cry... The message is so true... It still makes me cry just thinking about it. Thank you for your love and for the pictures and for the memory. I have a feeling it will be of great use. I really appreciate all of the sacrifices that everyone makes for me. I really do. I love you so much <3

Talk to you soon <3 thanks for your prayers and for your love <3 God knows I need it...

Love always,  Your son,
Elder Nick Benjamin Martin

He said he prefers sleeping on the floor because the bed is too small. I guess if it has the guard rail he might be a bit cramped.

Week 8, December 22, 2014 Christmas on the French Riviera

Hey!! I'm excited to see everyone this Christmas!!! YES!!!!!! I will be Skyping the 25th of December at about 6 pm my time and it will be about 9 am your time so be awake!! I can't stop smiling now haha! :) I miss everyone....

So I did not buy my bag... the bags that I want are expensive and so I will wait until "soldes" or sales to buy the bag I want. They are sometime after Christmas running into January. It's winter clearance pretty much. I have bought some cool new khakis though!! you will get those pictures next week because I haven't got any pictures in them yet, but I will! 

I got my hair cut today as well and you'll see that on Thursday! I also bought a pair of tennis shoes too. I got a good deal on them too! We actually played tennis today so they have been put to good use :) our ward mission leader owns a tennis club here so we are really blessed! After this we will go do more singing and try to get some contacts!

The weather here is absolutely perfect! I can wear my short sleeve shirts here at night even and still be perfectly fine! it cracks me up because all of the people here are bundled up as if it were 20 degrees haha :) the reason why it looks so cloudy in my pictures is because that is Lyon and it is more North of us and way more cold! And sadly, I have spent more time there than in Antibes!! And out of the times I have been here in my sector, I have spent more nights at the other elders' apartment because they live closer to the church and the activities! and then tomorrow we go to Nice for zone training and are out of our ville yet another day.... it's rough but I guess it's what God needs us to be doing right now.

We are seeing many miracles. The other day, we were doing service at the church and the members brought us about a weeks worth of food which was really great because we are running low on money because I haven't got any reimbursements back for certain things. It was the sweetest thing every :) 

and I was afraid I would not get the package that Julia was sending me.... But then for some reason, we were at the apt at one in the afternoon and there was a knock on the door and it was my package!! it was the sweetest package ever! she even decorated the inside of the box. It made me cry when I saw it. 

We saw David Archuleta!! I got to shake his hand and meet him and he is really short, but very nice and has striking green eyes and a really great voice! To hear him sing to us was so heavenly :)

Another miracle I had was when I had a migraine and couldn't function at all or hear anything without it hurting and then there was an elder who was carrying Advil in his bag for "no reason" (obviously inspiration) and gave me some and then I passed out on the primary room floor and when I woke up, my pain was gone and I felt so happy and was so great to be alive :) 

I honestly don't think that I have seen the influence of the Holy Spirit more strongly in any point in my life than I have these past two weeks in France. I know when we are lost. I can sense the presence of pure spirits within people. I can feel motives and thoughts of others. I can feel the persuading to choose the right at every turn of my life. I think the only thing that I can't see is the angels that are around me. I know they are there. I can sense their presence. Sometimes I feel them brush my shoulder. God just hasn't found it necessary to open my eyes yet to see the numberless concourses of angels all around me. That's ok if I can't see. I know. They make me feel relaxed and happy and whenever I walk out of the apartment, there is a constant smile on my face because of the Spirit that I feel. It is amazing. If I wasn't converted before, I am converted now. 

I love you mom!! I am excited to get to see you! And the rest of the family :) I love you so much! talk to you Thursday!! Merry Christmas!!

Love always 

Elder Nick Benjamin Martin

PS if you haven't been sharing the church's "He is the Gift", start doing it! It's a great message and I guarantee that you will brighten people's lives :)

He sent this in another email. I can just feel his frustration and sorry I had to chuckle too:
So I have spent the past thirty minutes trying to download pictures but apparently I downloaded a virus on to it and I am pissed.....I'll try to fix it but its hard without English computers......

Monday, December 15, 2014

Week 7, December 15, 2014 Antibes, France

We spent a lot of time in Lyon before we came down to Antibes. These keyboards are really weird and the letters are mixed up so I am typing extremely slow... But in Lyon we did some contacting and I actually talked to my first person all by myself!! It was scary, but I did it! And now I have a goal to talk to one person and lead that conversation. I know very little about what the people are speaking though so it’s really hard... But I know that this is the way that I will get better and learn the language so I submit myself to the will of the Father.  

We haven’t done much work in our village yet either, so idk when we are going to get to do something... we are going around to the members today so we lose three hours of p-day... we will be taking three hours off of Friday to do some shopping that we missed out on... make sure there is a good amount of money in the account because idk what the things I need will cost... we have an hour and a half for email so that’s nice.

I can’t sleep and it sucks so I’m always extremely tired... not so bad right now... I slept on the floor and got the best sleep since I’ve been here in France... sad, huh?

The area is beautiful though! Everything is old! The apartments lack light though and I am not a fan... one small dangling bulb per room is not adequate light for my liking. And the floors are cold and the walls are plain and everything echoes... I’m going to try to make this place more warm and homely and livable! I cleaned our sink today and you’ll see the picture, but mom would be proud of my cleaning ability. It was gross. I was afraid to use it!! But now it’s nice and white thank goodness!!

We will have to get things in order! Sometimes I feel like the trainer lol :) mom would be proud of me too for making a meal plan for the week so we would know what to cook and what to buy at the store! You two have prepared me well for living on my own! Thanks!

I think the biggest thing I stress about is the language. It’s tough and I’m not good at all... but I know that if I keep working at it, I will get better. The members love us! Our ward mission leader is F. P. and he is the happiest and coolest man here in France and I love him, so much! His son actually just got back from his mission last Thursday and has promised to help us out with lessons as much as he can so that’s just perfect! We do a lot of walking and I am thankful I have my gold bond!! No chaffing!! ha-ha and the good shoes are great :) the only thing that bugs me is my bag... every time I take a step it squeaks and I am about ready to throw it into the sea!! lol

And the food could be... more I guess ha-ha we haven’t eaten at a members’ house yet. Only President Roney's house and that would have been a good meal, but I was so stressed that I couldn’t eat anything... But we have some good meals planned out and some members want to feed us for Christmas so that will be delicious!

I am excited for Christmas here in France! No snow.... :(  but I'll live! I wear my short sleeve in the middle of winter and am comfortable! It’s great!! Can’t wait to skype everyone! Should be awesome!!!

Well I gotta run! Talk to you soon!!  Love your son,   Elder Nick Benjamin Martin

PS. I still want your testimony please!! I haven’t forgotten and I hope you haven’t either! Love ya!!

District Selfies

Selfie in front of Lyon

Selfie with the famous Elder TJ Haws!! Haha I asked him for his autograph and his face went beet red!! He is Elder Landry's trainer
Selfie with my "father" Elder Garside when we went caroling in Lyon. It's way colder in Lyon than Antibes

A cool shot I got walking home from church. Needs improvement, but I thought it was cool!

Looking out our apartment. You can see Nice and you can see the Alps on a good day. Each room has a set of doors that lead out to the balcony and the shutters are amazing! We be gettin some when I get home!
I just wanted to show off my amazing cleaning skills! the sink mostly! it was lost but now is found ;) haha looks brand new!!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

December 11, 2014 First Companion-Address

Dear Family of Elder Martin,

Elder Martin will be serving in Antibes with Elder Garside.  Their address is 5 avenue pasteur, Palais de France  06600 Antibes.

I am attaching a photo below.

Sister Clark
France Lyon Mission Secretary

Only four new missionaries arrived.

Elder Garside and Elder Martin, First Mission Companion

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December 9, 2014 Arrived in Lyon, France

Dear Family of Elder Martin,
This is just a quick note and photo to inform you that YOUR MISSIONARY HAS ARRIVED IN LYON FRANCE! We are so excited to have them in this mission. We love them and we view them with the same care and concern as we would our own children.  They looked pretty good even though they were surely very tired. They will be doing some legal work for their visa and some training and interviewing. By their preparation day (Monday) they will be able to tell you their companion’s name and where they live. Thank you so much for sharing your missionary with The Lord and with this mission. In many ways, this is truly the most wonderful mission in the world and they will make it even better.
Thank you,
President and Sister Roney
France Lyon Mission

President Roney, Elder Martin and Sister Roney

Monday, December 8, 2014

Week 6, December 6, 2014 D-Day, My Invasion Of France Begins

D-Day is this Tuesday! That's when my invasion of France begins! I touch down at 11:10 local time! It's my last P-Day here at the MTC and I was given time to email and pack and such. So yeah!

I'm really scared... And nervous and I have anxiety and my stomach hurts and I'm losing hair and the hair I have is turning silver.... I'm super stressed... But I know God will take care of me. I know I have nothing to worry about.

This week I gave a blessing to our investigator, H. First let me say that they have been the perfect investigators and have committed to being baptized by the missionaries in the Spanish Branch they have been attending recently. They were so touched by our lessons and our love and care for them that on our last day with them, they gave us each little boxes of candy and chocolate with a little note on the inside that made me cry even more! But the blessing I gave to H was.... Powerful... It was a blessing that doesn't happen every day for sure... But I can't really give out details because it was personal... Maybe when it's not so real for me will I talk about it.That was the second blessing I've ever given and both have been so amazing that mighty miracles were performed. 

Well I hope the game is going great! Make sure you tell me what the score was! You know I'm still apart of the team!!

I love you a lot! Talk to you in the airport this Monday and hopefully Tuesday!! I will probably buy a messenger bag when I land in London so just a heads up if there is a transaction there lol :)

I love you so much!! Talk to you soon!!

Love,  Elder Nick Martin :)

I am a giant!
This is my district pointing at where they are going to go! The Mexican sister is Sister Matos. The other sister with dark hair is Sister Higgins from New Zealand. The red head is Sister Chisolm. The last is Sister Ulrich. On the far left is Elder Bracken and to the right of him is Elder Carman. On the far right is Elder Brown and to the other side of me is Elder Landry.

This is my favorite teacher here at the MTC!! Brother Adams!! He is the most awesome person here in the MTC! He has gotten me more motivated than anyone else in the whole campus!!

This is my district! I love this photo! The tall sister is Sister Worsham and she was our other teacher! Jk... She wasn't in that photo.... But the other sister is Sister Hafen and she was the sweetest thing in the world!!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Week 5, December 2, 2014 Last Week at the MTC

I'm doing good! Really tired. I got really good at falling asleep during class lol! But when I get out to the field next Tuesday I will be constantly active and won't be sitting much, so a lot harder to fall asleep! The language is coming along. I think I should do alright.... I just can't hear French and understand it well, so I need to hear the language more before I can instantly respond instead of taking ten seconds to figure out what they said lol! 

This week we got to hear from Elder Dallin H Oaks for our Tuesday Devotional, Elder David A Bednar for our Thanksgiving Devotional, and BYU Vocal Point for our Sunday night devotional! We have been pretty blessed with good speakers and devotionals! Choir for the devotionals were really good too! I have gotten the opportunity to sing in every choir since I've been here and it is so powerful! 

I got my flight plans!! I leave Monday December 8th from SLC Airport at 11 AM and go to Chicago and from Chicago to London and From London to Lyon! And then I will end up there at 11 AM! So with the eight hour difference and the four hours of layovers, I have about 12 hours of flying!! Super fun! :) I am nervous about the language... I've heard that about on average it takes 6 months for the language to click so I'll just keep enduring!! :) 

I have seen Elder Austin Forsyth and Elder Jason Hopkins! Hopefully I can see Elder Chance Carver this Wednesday when he comes! Also met a Sister Beo from West Richland!! She's going to the New Mexico Albuquerque Mission!! Super awesome Sister :) 

Other than the language, I'm excited to leave the MTC and get into the field! I've already seen so many miracles, but I know that it will increase tenfold in the field! I miss you all and am excited to hear from you in the future!!

I love you lots and miss you so much!! Keep supporting me! I need it!
Love always,
Your son,
Elder Nick Benjamin Martin

We have a picture of Nicholas Cage baptizing the man from Lonesome Dove!!!

In the Christmas Spirit :)