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Monday, December 8, 2014

Week 6, December 6, 2014 D-Day, My Invasion Of France Begins

D-Day is this Tuesday! That's when my invasion of France begins! I touch down at 11:10 local time! It's my last P-Day here at the MTC and I was given time to email and pack and such. So yeah!

I'm really scared... And nervous and I have anxiety and my stomach hurts and I'm losing hair and the hair I have is turning silver.... I'm super stressed... But I know God will take care of me. I know I have nothing to worry about.

This week I gave a blessing to our investigator, H. First let me say that they have been the perfect investigators and have committed to being baptized by the missionaries in the Spanish Branch they have been attending recently. They were so touched by our lessons and our love and care for them that on our last day with them, they gave us each little boxes of candy and chocolate with a little note on the inside that made me cry even more! But the blessing I gave to H was.... Powerful... It was a blessing that doesn't happen every day for sure... But I can't really give out details because it was personal... Maybe when it's not so real for me will I talk about it.That was the second blessing I've ever given and both have been so amazing that mighty miracles were performed. 

Well I hope the game is going great! Make sure you tell me what the score was! You know I'm still apart of the team!!

I love you a lot! Talk to you in the airport this Monday and hopefully Tuesday!! I will probably buy a messenger bag when I land in London so just a heads up if there is a transaction there lol :)

I love you so much!! Talk to you soon!!

Love,  Elder Nick Martin :)

I am a giant!
This is my district pointing at where they are going to go! The Mexican sister is Sister Matos. The other sister with dark hair is Sister Higgins from New Zealand. The red head is Sister Chisolm. The last is Sister Ulrich. On the far left is Elder Bracken and to the right of him is Elder Carman. On the far right is Elder Brown and to the other side of me is Elder Landry.

This is my favorite teacher here at the MTC!! Brother Adams!! He is the most awesome person here in the MTC! He has gotten me more motivated than anyone else in the whole campus!!

This is my district! I love this photo! The tall sister is Sister Worsham and she was our other teacher! Jk... She wasn't in that photo.... But the other sister is Sister Hafen and she was the sweetest thing in the world!!

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