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Monday, December 15, 2014

Week 7, December 15, 2014 Antibes, France

We spent a lot of time in Lyon before we came down to Antibes. These keyboards are really weird and the letters are mixed up so I am typing extremely slow... But in Lyon we did some contacting and I actually talked to my first person all by myself!! It was scary, but I did it! And now I have a goal to talk to one person and lead that conversation. I know very little about what the people are speaking though so it’s really hard... But I know that this is the way that I will get better and learn the language so I submit myself to the will of the Father.  

We haven’t done much work in our village yet either, so idk when we are going to get to do something... we are going around to the members today so we lose three hours of p-day... we will be taking three hours off of Friday to do some shopping that we missed out on... make sure there is a good amount of money in the account because idk what the things I need will cost... we have an hour and a half for email so that’s nice.

I can’t sleep and it sucks so I’m always extremely tired... not so bad right now... I slept on the floor and got the best sleep since I’ve been here in France... sad, huh?

The area is beautiful though! Everything is old! The apartments lack light though and I am not a fan... one small dangling bulb per room is not adequate light for my liking. And the floors are cold and the walls are plain and everything echoes... I’m going to try to make this place more warm and homely and livable! I cleaned our sink today and you’ll see the picture, but mom would be proud of my cleaning ability. It was gross. I was afraid to use it!! But now it’s nice and white thank goodness!!

We will have to get things in order! Sometimes I feel like the trainer lol :) mom would be proud of me too for making a meal plan for the week so we would know what to cook and what to buy at the store! You two have prepared me well for living on my own! Thanks!

I think the biggest thing I stress about is the language. It’s tough and I’m not good at all... but I know that if I keep working at it, I will get better. The members love us! Our ward mission leader is F. P. and he is the happiest and coolest man here in France and I love him, so much! His son actually just got back from his mission last Thursday and has promised to help us out with lessons as much as he can so that’s just perfect! We do a lot of walking and I am thankful I have my gold bond!! No chaffing!! ha-ha and the good shoes are great :) the only thing that bugs me is my bag... every time I take a step it squeaks and I am about ready to throw it into the sea!! lol

And the food could be... more I guess ha-ha we haven’t eaten at a members’ house yet. Only President Roney's house and that would have been a good meal, but I was so stressed that I couldn’t eat anything... But we have some good meals planned out and some members want to feed us for Christmas so that will be delicious!

I am excited for Christmas here in France! No snow.... :(  but I'll live! I wear my short sleeve in the middle of winter and am comfortable! It’s great!! Can’t wait to skype everyone! Should be awesome!!!

Well I gotta run! Talk to you soon!!  Love your son,   Elder Nick Benjamin Martin

PS. I still want your testimony please!! I haven’t forgotten and I hope you haven’t either! Love ya!!

District Selfies

Selfie in front of Lyon

Selfie with the famous Elder TJ Haws!! Haha I asked him for his autograph and his face went beet red!! He is Elder Landry's trainer
Selfie with my "father" Elder Garside when we went caroling in Lyon. It's way colder in Lyon than Antibes

A cool shot I got walking home from church. Needs improvement, but I thought it was cool!

Looking out our apartment. You can see Nice and you can see the Alps on a good day. Each room has a set of doors that lead out to the balcony and the shutters are amazing! We be gettin some when I get home!
I just wanted to show off my amazing cleaning skills! the sink mostly! it was lost but now is found ;) haha looks brand new!!

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