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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Week 17 February 23, 2015 le Cowboy

"This is the song that I sang for our Spiritual night at the Ward! They loved it and now I am known as "Le Cowboy"

So this week was full of fun and interesting in the sense that we did a lot and yet not very much at the same time!

On Monday night we visited our special old couple named George and Jeanne. They are 89 and have this amazing house. They don't get many visitors so they love having us over. The weird thing is: I feel the Spirit every time we go and visit them. They have expressed that they have no interest in converting, but as long as we can bring people closer to Christ and help them feel the Spirit, we are doing our job.

Tuesday we went to Cannes and did some street boarding for our free English class! We handed out at least 50 flyers and had a lot of people say they would show up on Thursday for the class! I talked to a lot of people by myself which is very good for me because my skills need to be improved. We met a man that said he had been on a search for Christ and when he saw the name of our church, he took it as a sign and wanted to meet with us again! (We still haven’t heard from him yet so we will call him tonight!! this man was golden!)

Wednesday was an average day. But we ran into this big tall man from Arkansas who had the most American accent I have ever heard! He had been living in France for 50 years!! He was really cool and it was so nice to hear an American accent again!

Thursday was alright... I got in a better mood for my companion and I started liking him again. I read a talk on pride and I asked God to forgive me for being prideful and to help me really love Elder G and it worked!! We are doing really great! It was also English class! I was so excited and expecting a lot of people!! But then we got there and nobody showed up except for a Portuguese member and his daughter.... It was pretty disappointing... But for some reason, I was still really happy and I felt like nothing could bring me down!

Friday! Oh man... we have some drama in the district.... Elder G is the district leader, so he is stressed about it and it stresses me out and I am starting to lose hair again.... I am not happy and I am thinking about having a talk with this Elder if he doesn’t grow up. The Zone leaders have ever expressed that he is being childish and needs to grow up! Gosh....

Saturday we had samedi sportif (Saturday sports) but then nobody showed up so that wasted our time lol.... But then we went home and made about 96 no-bake cookies for the ward on Sunday! They absolutely loved us!! Everyone wants the recipe now haha so we have to make copies of that!

Sunday was super great :) I felt the Spirit so strongly! I was asked to bear my testimony and say the closing prayer afterwards, and I was so overcome by the Spirit that I had to stop in the middle of the prayer to keep myself from breaking down and sobbing :') I love feeling the Spirit like this :) it makes me so happy!

Monday: Now we have to go clean our apartment for the inspection tomorrow!! Super (not) fun hahaha but that is life! Not too much to clean thank goodness! It is usually pretty clean :)
This week for stake conference, President Boyd K Packer is coming to speak to the Nice stake!!! And I will be at Nice for that!! Super cool!!! And hopefully I can meet Julie Hotz, a friend of Julia's! That would be so cool!!

Well take care! I love you lots!
Elder Nick Benjamin Martin

That was the sunset chez moi :)

This one is something that I though would make a cool desktop background!