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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Week 5, December 2, 2014 Last Week at the MTC

I'm doing good! Really tired. I got really good at falling asleep during class lol! But when I get out to the field next Tuesday I will be constantly active and won't be sitting much, so a lot harder to fall asleep! The language is coming along. I think I should do alright.... I just can't hear French and understand it well, so I need to hear the language more before I can instantly respond instead of taking ten seconds to figure out what they said lol! 

This week we got to hear from Elder Dallin H Oaks for our Tuesday Devotional, Elder David A Bednar for our Thanksgiving Devotional, and BYU Vocal Point for our Sunday night devotional! We have been pretty blessed with good speakers and devotionals! Choir for the devotionals were really good too! I have gotten the opportunity to sing in every choir since I've been here and it is so powerful! 

I got my flight plans!! I leave Monday December 8th from SLC Airport at 11 AM and go to Chicago and from Chicago to London and From London to Lyon! And then I will end up there at 11 AM! So with the eight hour difference and the four hours of layovers, I have about 12 hours of flying!! Super fun! :) I am nervous about the language... I've heard that about on average it takes 6 months for the language to click so I'll just keep enduring!! :) 

I have seen Elder Austin Forsyth and Elder Jason Hopkins! Hopefully I can see Elder Chance Carver this Wednesday when he comes! Also met a Sister Beo from West Richland!! She's going to the New Mexico Albuquerque Mission!! Super awesome Sister :) 

Other than the language, I'm excited to leave the MTC and get into the field! I've already seen so many miracles, but I know that it will increase tenfold in the field! I miss you all and am excited to hear from you in the future!!

I love you lots and miss you so much!! Keep supporting me! I need it!
Love always,
Your son,
Elder Nick Benjamin Martin

We have a picture of Nicholas Cage baptizing the man from Lonesome Dove!!!

In the Christmas Spirit :)

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