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Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 23, April 6, 2015 Happy Easter and Conference Weekend

So this Sunday was Easter and it was the most special Easter in my life. I got to spend it watching General Conference down in the basement of the Cannes chapel in the genealogy center. The Sunday Morning session came on about 6 pm for us, which is 10 AM MST. We watched and the talks were all very powerful. There were two people from over here that spoke. The Portuguese man who is the regional director of this side of Europe (or something like that) and A Frenchman who is in the Presiding Bishopric. That was cool. But I think the thing that hit me the most was the talk given by Elder Jeffrey R Holland. Before conference started, I wrote down the question, "Who is my Savior?" My question couldn't have been answered more loudly. Elder Holland came up and gave a talk so powerful on the Savior that I wept and couldn't write any notes. This talk still shakes me. I want all of you to watch this with the same question in your mind: "Who is my Savior?"
Elder Martin

Wait let me take a Selfie!

That's me in a Bentley! :)

Me and Elder Lago

Week 22, March 30, 2015 Happy Birthday to My Sis Mysti!!

Happy Birthday to my oldest sister, Mysti. She just had her shoulder replaced so I am praying for her recovery.  Wow that sounds a lot like Lyon and Paris! Here in Antibes it is super nice and I can't stop smiling! The sun works a magic in me :)  (We, Mike, Jake, his friends and I went on spring break to Long Beach, Wa and Nick and I were comparing the weather on our beaches.) 
Mom's door from Astoria Oregon
His door from the French Rivera...he wins.
This week was pretty uneventful.... a bus caught on fire on Tuesday, I got sick with a head cold, and a lot of walking around trying to talk to people and spread them the gospel!!

I bought Dad a present today!! I don't know how I am going to get it to him though..... It's a tricky one....
I am busy all the time which is good! I feel like I am actually doing work!! I really am so thankful for Elder Lago. Seriously. I feel like he is my brother and we joke around and beat each other up. It's really fun! I am enjoying myself so much and I am having a great time!
Today was actually a really cool P-day! We got to visit and look at a couple of Cathedrals and it was free, too!!
This is the Cathedral that overlooks Cannes. It is the one with the clock tower I love taking pictures of.
We went to the beach and swam! Ok.... maybe we didn't swim, or go on the beach... There are starting to be tourists and that means it is hot here for them and so they are in bikinis and that's not good for us. So we now have to stay away from the beach unless it’s the morning when we go on our runs. But it really is beautiful here!!! They have been getting ready for the Cannes Film Festival!! If I am here next transfer, I will be able to go and see that!!! soooooooooooooo awesome!!!!!!!! I can take pictures of the red carpet and all the stars!!! hopefully I see Clint Eastwood!! that would be sick!!!!
I am excited! 5 months is a long time!! It has already been one year since me and dad went to conference together and threw up from all the excitement!! That seems like yesterday!! It will go faster and faster!! You will be picking me up before you know it!!  

Love you!!!!

These are my two "girlfriends" in the Cannes ward haha they are pretty good friends of mine and they are characters!