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Monday, December 29, 2014

Week 8, December 22, 2014 Christmas on the French Riviera

Hey!! I'm excited to see everyone this Christmas!!! YES!!!!!! I will be Skyping the 25th of December at about 6 pm my time and it will be about 9 am your time so be awake!! I can't stop smiling now haha! :) I miss everyone....

So I did not buy my bag... the bags that I want are expensive and so I will wait until "soldes" or sales to buy the bag I want. They are sometime after Christmas running into January. It's winter clearance pretty much. I have bought some cool new khakis though!! you will get those pictures next week because I haven't got any pictures in them yet, but I will! 

I got my hair cut today as well and you'll see that on Thursday! I also bought a pair of tennis shoes too. I got a good deal on them too! We actually played tennis today so they have been put to good use :) our ward mission leader owns a tennis club here so we are really blessed! After this we will go do more singing and try to get some contacts!

The weather here is absolutely perfect! I can wear my short sleeve shirts here at night even and still be perfectly fine! it cracks me up because all of the people here are bundled up as if it were 20 degrees haha :) the reason why it looks so cloudy in my pictures is because that is Lyon and it is more North of us and way more cold! And sadly, I have spent more time there than in Antibes!! And out of the times I have been here in my sector, I have spent more nights at the other elders' apartment because they live closer to the church and the activities! and then tomorrow we go to Nice for zone training and are out of our ville yet another day.... it's rough but I guess it's what God needs us to be doing right now.

We are seeing many miracles. The other day, we were doing service at the church and the members brought us about a weeks worth of food which was really great because we are running low on money because I haven't got any reimbursements back for certain things. It was the sweetest thing every :) 

and I was afraid I would not get the package that Julia was sending me.... But then for some reason, we were at the apt at one in the afternoon and there was a knock on the door and it was my package!! it was the sweetest package ever! she even decorated the inside of the box. It made me cry when I saw it. 

We saw David Archuleta!! I got to shake his hand and meet him and he is really short, but very nice and has striking green eyes and a really great voice! To hear him sing to us was so heavenly :)

Another miracle I had was when I had a migraine and couldn't function at all or hear anything without it hurting and then there was an elder who was carrying Advil in his bag for "no reason" (obviously inspiration) and gave me some and then I passed out on the primary room floor and when I woke up, my pain was gone and I felt so happy and was so great to be alive :) 

I honestly don't think that I have seen the influence of the Holy Spirit more strongly in any point in my life than I have these past two weeks in France. I know when we are lost. I can sense the presence of pure spirits within people. I can feel motives and thoughts of others. I can feel the persuading to choose the right at every turn of my life. I think the only thing that I can't see is the angels that are around me. I know they are there. I can sense their presence. Sometimes I feel them brush my shoulder. God just hasn't found it necessary to open my eyes yet to see the numberless concourses of angels all around me. That's ok if I can't see. I know. They make me feel relaxed and happy and whenever I walk out of the apartment, there is a constant smile on my face because of the Spirit that I feel. It is amazing. If I wasn't converted before, I am converted now. 

I love you mom!! I am excited to get to see you! And the rest of the family :) I love you so much! talk to you Thursday!! Merry Christmas!!

Love always 

Elder Nick Benjamin Martin

PS if you haven't been sharing the church's "He is the Gift", start doing it! It's a great message and I guarantee that you will brighten people's lives :)

He sent this in another email. I can just feel his frustration and sorry I had to chuckle too:
So I have spent the past thirty minutes trying to download pictures but apparently I downloaded a virus on to it and I am pissed.....I'll try to fix it but its hard without English computers......

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