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Monday, December 29, 2014

Week 9, December 29, 2014 Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!! That's a really crazy time to stay up late! (I had told him how I'd stayed up until about 5am) You are like me Jake and Calvin! I wish I could sleep in.... I'm always tired....

Yeah! That's 3rd Ward! They are great! I really love the Swanbergs! They are all super great! The whole family!

Christmas was nice :) It was good to see everyone :) it made me really happy :) 

My week was alright. I went on an exchange with the Zone leader in Nice so I spent the day there. It was pretty fun. Nice is pretty. We spent a lot of time with the members. They really love us here. I'm thankful we are blessed with such good members. Especially our ward mission leader! The WML's son sent me a friend request and you should accept it for me! and talk to him! His name is Vincent! He is the one you met on Skype. Great kid! Just got back from serving his mission :) 

Today we had no p-day at all.... we came to Cannes to move somebody and it took all day. We are just now getting our emails! crazy and long and I'm exhausted. The whole mission thing is hard... I will keep trying though. The train money comes from the mission and we get more money at the beginning of each month. There were just many complicated things. First they cut me short for coming in late. Then we had to pay for restaurant meals for two weeks for being in Lyon... and so yeah we were short on money. (he was telling us how they had to ride the train to Cannes and Nice and just try and avoid the Conductor because they have no "ticket")

I miss animals.... I miss our kitty too... But he is with me. He is helping me just like he helped me before. He is with me. I truly believe that.

I will look for a heart rock! that will be great! Tell Sis Bailey hello for me and tell her I love her!

Thank you so much for the card that you sent me... It made me cry... The message is so true... It still makes me cry just thinking about it. Thank you for your love and for the pictures and for the memory. I have a feeling it will be of great use. I really appreciate all of the sacrifices that everyone makes for me. I really do. I love you so much <3

Talk to you soon <3 thanks for your prayers and for your love <3 God knows I need it...

Love always,  Your son,
Elder Nick Benjamin Martin

He said he prefers sleeping on the floor because the bed is too small. I guess if it has the guard rail he might be a bit cramped.

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