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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Week 10, January 5, 2015 Bringing in the New Year

Happy New Year!!
This is me trying to look French with my new Khakis.

2015 MacMar New Year's Day
at the Museum of Flight, Boing Field Seattle, WA

His response to our visit to the museum. Holy cow!!That is so cool!!! I wish I could have been there for that!! I was really sad and didn't do anything and was missing you all a lot... I actually went to bed really early.... I hated being away from everyone over the holidays :(   But I really do feel your love and I am so thankful for that. I couldn't go on without your prayers and your love. I feel stronger knowing that you are praying for me :) thank you!!

So this week was rather fast! We went to the ward on NYE and they fed us a nice dinner :) The Ward really takes us missionaries in as children and see and give to all of our needs and more! They gave us a food care package and we haven’t had to buy much at the grocery store which was good because we didn’t have any money!! But now we do thank goodness. And we can get some better food in us haha :)
And then on Saturday night we went to our DMP's house (ward mission leader) and he lives in the mountains outside of Grasse. So we drove to Grasse and that was really pretty, but then we went up the mountain and at night, we looked down on the valley and it was sooooo gorgeous!!! And then the sunrise on Sunday over the Mediterranean sea was sooooooo beautiful!!! This is the most beautiful place in the world. Period!!!
The weather here is soooo cold though... I have to wear a long sleeve shirt now :/ life's rough! haha :)
This is my Ward Mission Leader, Brother Roland Perez. The strongest member in our ward. His son, Antoine (not the one you met on Skype) has really became a brother to me!!

This is for Jake! This is one of the walls of the Shoe store in Cannes. This store is one of a kind and gets shoes from around the world! My companion bought a 400 euro pair of shoes!!!

This is Nice. It is a beautiful city :)

Sorry I have to add this in because it shows what a tender heart he has.


I love you! Life is really hard without you... You really did a lot... Sometimes it hits me and I can't help but cry because I miss you and I miss home. Maybe I should have done a year of college before, but oh well now haha yeah Fast Sunday almost killed me haha but I lived :) and I feel a lot stronger now :) I always have a bottle with me!! ( I wanted to make sure he was drinking enough water)

I bought a bag today, and it was expensive, but it's really nice. I want you to use my money to pay you back because I don't want you to pay for it! That'd be great! Thank you!

Love you so much :)   Nick

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