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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Week 12 January 19, 2015 Missing Family and Home

You guys have been spending a lot of time over there in Puyallup! I miss it over there! Honestly, I think Puyallup is prettier than the countryside where I am at now. The sea is beautiful, and the mountains, but I am so far away from any trees and stuff and what I have seen really hasn’t been all that spectacular... I miss trees and the green. Everything is still in bloom here, but everything is brown.... it makes me a little sad actually. I miss the green forests of Priest Lake and Puyallup! That is where my heart is! I have trouble staying awake when I am indoors, too. Oh my when I am outside and moving do I feel fully awake. I think my job will have to have a lot of movement or else I will be falling asleep quite often.

I miss the forests and the memories and the reading. Every time I read out loud at the mtc, all the sisters told me how much they loved my voice haha I miss reading out loud in English and I miss being able to speak English. It was so much easier and I understood everything and I could actually speak what I felt in my heart. Now I have to spill it in broken French... 

Honestly... I am having a really hard time right now... I am very discouraged... I miss you and dad and the family and home and Julia... I feel so alone over here. My comp is really a good guy, and I feel like a brother; he is a brother; but I long to come back home where everything was nice and easy and fun and full of love and good memories... I am not going to quit.. I will figure it out...
Yay!! Go SEAHAWKS!! :) go prayer circles!!! :)
So the weirdest thing happened this week... my jaw locked in place for about an entire minute... I couldn’t close it, finally I tried to talk and it loosened up.. But that was very scary... I try not to yawn now haha
We had a baptism this week! Well not our investigator, but the sisters in our district. He is a really cool man. He will make a great contribution to the ward! I don’t know why I didn’t get a picture with him... really stupid!! But I will get it next Sunday or this Saturday when the sisters baptize another one of their investigators!! So cool! :)
Well I will talk to you later! I have some stuff to do... We didn’t go to Grasse today to the perfumery, but we probs will next week. So I will be carrying around perfume for a while haha oh well!
Talk to you next week!! Love you!!
Elder Nick Martin


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