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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Week 27 May 4, 2015 Picnic in the Park

Week 27   May 4, 2015

I'm tired... I have an inexplicable sense of tiredness and a weight that is on me pressing on me.... but I am good other than that :) I love you too!!

I forgot to tell you that I got the other two cards that you sent in the mail! I haven't read them yet! I will read them on my birthday this Saturday! I have two meal appointments this Saturday on my birthday! That is insane for France!!! Haha and these people are known for feeding you a lot so I will be well taken care of on my birthday haha 

Skype, though!! That will be on Sunday at about 7 or 8 am your time! you send me an email on which time you prefer and I will check on Wednesday :) I am super happy for this!!

So last week was alright. I got my new companion and I have been showing him the ville. We are assuming that we will follow the pattern that has been set in Antibes and I will stay four transfers (so this is my last) and then I will leave. I hope I leave... I am tired of this ville.... it is killing me... I put so much work into this and all I can contact are tourists...those missionaries in the north of France, Italy, and England better be getting these guys we are talking to!! 

Actually we have ventured into the ville, into the suburbs to try and knock on the doors of those who are permanently here. We had a little luck. We knocked on a door of a 14 year old girl and she talked with us for a long time and eventually took the Book of Mormon from us! Now I can here you all saying "wow, he swooned a 14 year old girl!" haha well not really! We actually offered it to her; she said she wouldn’t read it, but to offer it to the old woman across the way. We worked out a deal with her and said that if they wouldn't take it, she would gladly take it. God had a plan for that girl, because every single woman across the way shot us down faster than a lead zeppelin! So I would like you to please pray for this girl, Alice, and that she will read the Book of Mormon and know for herself that it is true!

We got to eat at the F. Family this Saturday for lunch. They live in a house that as soon as you enter, you feel like you went back 500 years haha He is a huge man with a huge beard (like a dwarf) and the house looks like a medieval cottage! And it is so cool! He also had a knife collection, and let us take what we wanted! That was so cool! haha

I got to go to a ward picnic on Friday and it was at an abandoned airbase that the city of Saint Raphaƫl salvaged and turned into a giant park. It was the perfect place for kids! we played soccer had a meal and hung out! the ride back was fun because I got to ride in the back with the bishop's kids and joke around and take selfies with them! Oh my gosh I love those kids!! I got to hang out with them more at the ward meal after church. They do one for every fast Sunday! I love that idea! we need to do that in America! but I got to teach these kids a lot of cool things and most importantly be a good role model for them. their parents tell me all the time how much their kids love me :) it makes me smile to know that I am at least doing some sort of good work in my sector, even if I can't see it :)

Well that is all for now!! Know I love you all! thank you for your prayers! keep them up haha
Have a good week!     Elder Martin

These are the Bishop's kids. M and C in the back, and D between me and Elder Rellaford

This is Antibes

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