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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Week 26 April 27, 2015 Live Where Your Feet Are

Week 26    April 27, 2015

Good news: I am staying on my mission! I also am staying another transfer in Antibes as well. My new companion is Elder Rellaford from Utah. 

So I just want to apologize to everyone for stressing everyone out. It was really... Selfish the way I acted. After that email session, I went home and I cried and then woke up the next day and couldn't stop crying. I was wrestling with God in prayer on the floor, crying, unable to do anything. I was just going to lay there and do nothing... Pathetic. Thankfully God took pity on me. There is really no other way to put this, so I will just say it: I had a conversation with God. I heard His voice and He helped me realize that Julia still loves me, that I still love her, that God still loves both of us, and that He will keep His promise that He made with us. He also told me that the reason I was going through what I was going through is so that I am prepared for the work the He has for me.

This prayer was such an uplifting experience. It helped me realize that I have nothing to be sad about. It also helped me realize some other things, too. I realized that Elder Lago was not out to get me. Elder Lago is my brother, now. I realized he had only been trying to help me, and that he, like me, is only human, and has weaknesses. It makes me sad that he is gone now. He went back home. It was his last transfer. Oh gosh we both cried as we hugged each other. Gosh... I cry now just thinking about him. 

And as I talked with him about my enlightening experience, he helped me realize that I need to have “no drag” and LIVE WHERE MY FEET ARE. I am here in France with these people for only two years of my life. I am only fully serving God as a missionary for these two years. I need to be here in France doing the work. Julia was right. I was distracted. But now that she has helped me by refocusing me, I have never been more happier, more focused, nor more sure in God and His plan for me. I made a family here in the Cannes Ward, and especially with the missionaries here. They are my family for these two years. Well, year and a half now. And I am being me. I am being fun again! No more serious-all-the-time-Nick. I hate that guy. He wasn't fun to be around. Now I will always smile and express my joy with those around me.

This week was crazy! Me and Elder Lago did a lot of awesome stuff together! But I think the best part was just being with him. I really miss him, and it is not the same without him, but now I get to make another happy life with the new missionaries in my life! I am excited!!

I love all of you and I am so eternally grateful that you pray for me and love me, too. I miss you all, but we will have time in plenty in this life to catch up and to be together in the life to come.

Have a great week.       Elder Martin :)

PS: That is me and Elder Lago at the Mission Conference with Elder Kearon and Elder Nielson of the 70. I spoke at the thing, they gave me a mike and I made a comment, and I embarrassed him in front of the whole mission! lol! oh I love Elder Lago! I am gonna miss him!

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