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Les Missionnaires
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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Week 1, November 4, 2014

Mom: I love you so much. Really I do. I never really realized or understood how much I love you and how much I care for you and appreciate/take for granted all the acts of love you show me. I wanted to go home the first few nights. I wanted to quit and give up. But something happened Sunday that changed me. As I took the Sacrament, I felt clean and worthy and strong. That Atonement of Christ is alive and working in me and through me. I still miss you. (sorry I had to add this, being the Mom and all)

I've never been closer to God or His Spirit. I know this is where I need to be and that He is proud of me. I'm having a great time :) overwhelmed the first few days but now it's calmed down. I am the Zone leader with my companions, Elder Brown from Salt Lake City and Elder Landry from Calhoon, Georgia. :) Just five days in and I already have more responsibilities than ever! P-day is on Tuesday. I would prefer letters, but tell them that if they email me, I might not get to their emails hour is not much time.

God has been teaching me French. There is no way that I should be speaking as good as I am, but last night, I got witness to this. We are already teaching an investigator/actor who only knows French and my companions (Elder Landry and Elder Brown (Yes i am in a tri-panionship. we are called les trois haha)) and the lesson went and almost failed but I saved it and took over and spoke ugly and broken French but I was teaching by the Spirit because I really had no clue what I was saying. But it is a testimony that I am just a man and God makes me great. 

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