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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Week 21, March 23, 2015 Working Extremely Hard in Antibes

So my new comp, Elder Lago, and I are working extremely hard to get Antibes back on track... The effort and nurture that is required for this ville has been lacking. Let's just say that me and E Lago have done more work in this past week than was done in the past two transfers. So naturally, I am exhausted. When I come home at night I can barely stay awake! But I have progressed so much! I have a couple of things that motivate me to get up and get going.
I need to develop the qualities of a perfect husband. I still have a lot of work to do, so that's why this is one of my motivations. The second is to give away an entire box of copies of The Book of Mormon. That's 24! By myself!! And Elder Lago has the same goal! So we made it a friendly competition, and the first one done wins a prize! We haven’t discussed the prize, yet, but we will make it good! I am in the lead, too!! I have given away 2 and I have 3 others that I need to deliver to people who have asked for them! This is really good because it forces me to go off by myself and learn how to talk to people and is the best way to improve my French! And it helps me win haha ;) 

My challenge! And I challenge you to give away a book of Mormon!! Everyone!!! All of you in the family!!! I will follow up next week!!!!
But I am stressed out about something, and I don't know what it is.... I wake up at 4:30 and roll around until I have to get up.... I have been losing more hair.... Yeah.... I don't know what it is because I am really happy. I don't know. I guess I will just be bald.... Dang....
Monday: After emails we helped the new Sisters move their entire luggage into their new apt! They got Pink Washed(this means both the sisters got transferred to a new location) and now they are really stressed out about it! Haha but oh well, there are lessons in every trial.

Tuesday: We visited a less active and her son. Apparently the son is really good at cooking and wants us to return so he can cook for us! I am not going to pass that up! After that we went and contacted a little bit. We did some area book work (we have A LOT of that to do still. it has been neglected for a long time). 
Wednesday: In the morning we did some contacting! Today a few Italian girls came up to us and contacted us!! It was so funny!! They waited around for us to finish talking to a woman and then they approached us. They were obviously interested in more than our answers haha I mean we are a pretty handsome équipe!! Hahaha :) I am getting better at my French! Slowly, anyway. Then we rode bus lines and did some scouting for some neighborhoods to port. A pretty quiet night until choir! Then we sang a song that is too difficult for the ward members. I hope it gets better.
Thursday: Thursday we went contacting in the morning and I gave away a Book of Mormon to a woman named E. She was on vacation visiting her daughter, but she seemed receptive. I hope that she will be touched later and remember. Planting seeds. Laying the path. Then in the evening, we went to D. B.'s house! He has the cutest little family!! His daughters are adorable and his wife is so sweet! They are actually moving to somewhere in British Columbia this May so I want to visit them after the mission! D. was actually born in Canada when his parents worked there for a couple of years. That is where they were introduced to the gospel!!! So cool!!! And then they had to return and relearn all of the terminology when they got to France because the words are very different haha 
Friday: Today the Assistants to the President came to Antibes and helped us in our attempts to find amis!! It was so cool! So we had 5 missionaries on the street all day talking to people and getting numbers! It was so great! In the first half of the day, I took the car and hunted down some people that were in the area book that we couldn’t call. Elder Huntsman is a very good driver! That was when I met a Chinese man named J. L. He was so cool!!! He wanted a book of Mormon and I told him I would come back and give him one in Chinese!! Then I switched and was with Elder William Montgomery from Georgia! Oh man! This guy is so cool!! He is a super missionary and I just felt comfortable around him and I had this happiness that was so great!! When I was with him, I saw this group of girls, and I told him, "Hey, let's go contact them!" So without even thinking about it, I walked up to this group of 10 girls and started talking to them. I got nothing but blank looks..... Because they were all Italian and didn't speak French hahaha so we tried to talk with them but just ended up telling them to have a wonderful day because we couldn't communicate with them! But that impressed E Montgomery so much! He was impressed with my faith! Towards the end of my time with him, he sat me down near a fountain and had a heart-to-heart with me. His words I will never forget. "Elder Martin, you have a lot of faith, and your faith will carry you in hard times. When you are a leader, a senior companion, a trainer, a district leader, you have to make sure that your faith keeps you going because even if you don't want to keep going, others will be looking to you for strength and guidance. You're going to be a great leader. The mission needs you. Keep up the good work." That made me realize that God has not forgotten me. He still needs me and has a work for me to do. I need to be ready for Him. 
Saturday: We contacted and I met S. from México!! I told him we will be stopping by to give him a BoM in Spanish!! I am so happy e Lago knows Spanish!! Then we went porting and met some really cool people. I found the middle aged people of Antibes!! They are at the bus stop Roi Soleil!! Hahaha 
Sunday: Church was great!!! Oh man I love the youth of the ward!! All the young men look up to me, literally! Haha no but they see me as a brother and treat me as one, too!! I got a wet Willie yesterday for proof!! :) Then we went over to the Famille T. and we had them teach me the first lesson because S., the wife, is a recent convert! She did really good!! 

Monday: Cleaning, emails, shopping soon, and then I have to go on a train to Saint-Raphael because Elder Lago goes to Lyon for a conference!! Wish me luck! I will be with a missionary just one week in his mission haha!  
Thanks for everything!! I love you so much!!!!  

Elder Nick Benjamin Martin :)

I was so hungry I ate the sun!

Morning Mangos on the Edge (must be code for I'm exercising on this wall by the Sea)


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