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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Week 18 March 2, 2015 Nice Stake Conference

Monday: I don’t remember what else I did on Monday.... lol

Tuesday: I went on an exchange with Elder Herring down in Toulon!! That was a very fun day!! We bought a 1kg croissant and chocolatine!!! They were huge!!!! The windiest I have ever seen it without there being an accompanying storm haha I went down on my hands and knees on the pier to touch the water, and a giant gust of wind picked up and almost blew me into the water!!!! I had to scramble to get away from the edge but the wind kept pushing and I almost went in haha!! But we taught an ami that was a lot like the baboon from the Lion King! He was really cool! And we visited a less active couple and they made us the best hot chocolate I have ever had!!! It was way better than anything I have drank! It was a force to be reckoned with! I really enjoyed this exchange because Elder Herring is a very down to earth missionary. He is very cool and fun to be around and he has very easy going philosophies on life. He made me feel like a brother and I was joking around with him instantly. He made doing the work fun and I really admire that because this work should be fun! We are spreading happiness for goodness' sake!!! We should be happy!!! haha

Wednesday: I got back from the exchange, did some studies, went to choir, and started another exchange with Elder Walter. This is the first time that I was left in charge of my Ville!! Thankfully, I did not burn Antibes to the ground hahaha the bad thing was that Elder Walters kept talking until midnight.... And this was the third day I had been up late... I wasn't too happy about that.....

Thursday: So I am in charge of the ville. We do our studies and go out to pass a member and a less active. I led the visit for the first time with the member and the LA wasn’t there.... So we went contacting until we had to go! I took Elder Walters exploring and discovered really cool and old sections of town that I must visit on another p-day to get better pictures!! Then we went to Cannes and I met up with my comp (Elder Garside; I don’t remember if you know him), and we went and taught English class!!! Except nobody showed up.... So we went to McDonalds with the Sisters and then went back home. We also house two more equips of elders this night! We were once again up late! They came in for Zone conference. Elders Barnes, Amerjan, Brill and another whose name I remember not....

Friday: Zone conference!!! It was pretty cool. Got to see President Roney! That is always great! We also watched Meet the Mormons! The older missionaries loved that because they had heard so much about it haha then we went to Cannes with the missionaries that were with us and went contacting!!! It was kind of a waste of time though because there weren’t very many people out who were willing to talk at 8pm

Saturday: The Elders left and then I did studies and we went out to go contacting for a while. Then went to Cannes for the adult session of stake conference!! Took up the rest of the night. We met more elders in at the gare so they could stay with us again for the Stake Conference. Elders Fisk and Johnson

Sunday: NICE STAKE CONFERENCE!!!!! It was really cool seeing everyone there!!!! It was like having three wards at the 108 building, not a stake, but it was so great!!!! I saw Julie Hotz!!!!!! She is a cutie and super sweet!!!! She is Julia's friend! When we made eye contact, she smiled so big haha she had been waiting to see me for a while, too!!! Then she took a selfie with me so she could send it to Julia!! Ahhh so sweet!!! We talked for a while (as much as I could with my terrible French) and she is so cool!!! This day made me really really happy :)

Monday: We played tennis today!!! It was so fun, as always! Though I miss not playing with people that know how to play, i.e., Paul, Javan, Jake, etc. We did some shopping so I could get some khaki pants for this hot weather coming up! I love the clearance racks!!!! Haha and that was my week!!!

It is so nice to get to talk to you! I love you!! Send some pictures to me of Lake Chelan: the ones I took with the night sky and the trees and the one with the night sky and the willow that is illuminated! Everyone is dying to see them!!

Talk to you next week! Feel free to send letters too! I appreciate them :) Off to Mysti!!! Bye


Elder Nick Benjamin Martin

PS the picture is me holding half of this giant croissant we bought!! It was awesome!!!!

That is a ship made of concrete coming out of the building! It is his favorite spot in all of France! This one is me and Elder Herring!! He is from San Fran!!! so cool!!!!! He is I mean haha
A tower in Cannes.
That's Julie Hotz!! She is a great girl!

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