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Friday, March 13, 2015

Week 19 March 9, 2015 The Caterpillar Train

A row of caterpillars, about 6 feet (2m) long!!
This week blew by so fast! I felt like it was just Monday! Which is good for me because I hate being away....? I love working but I really miss home. 
It is always sunny over here!! And when it isn’t, it rains and then is sunny the very next day! It is a beautiful sun, too! Warm and it makes me happy :) takes away the dark feelings that the winter leaves. 
I don’t really miss TV, but I miss being in the loop haha movies come and go and I’m like, well ok! Haha
Tell those lovely women, Patsy and Kay, I say hello back!! I wish I could be playing tennis again!! I play now and again, but my goal is to play on a clay court while I am here in France!! I want to keep playing when I get back from the mission!
Monday: We ate dinner with our bishop! His family is so cool! Two boys about 14 and 16 and a girl of 18. Such a crazy fun family!!
Tuesday: We did some service in the morning! helped a little old lady move her bed and replace it with a better one! then we went to a major school/business center with thousands of businesses. There are parks there and we were going to try and meet people and contact them.... except it was vacations here so the parks were deserted.... Then we went to G. and J.’s house!!! They are the cutest little old couple in the world!!! They are just like my great grandparents that I never had hahaha so G. grew up on a potato farm and his dad was a potato farmer, so every time we visit, he asks me how the potatoes are doing hahaha!! He is so cute!! So this time as a surprise, I brought him a potato!! He busted up laughing and he said when he eats it with butter and salt, he will think of me! I feel the Spirit every time I am over there. They really are special.
Wednesday: We cleaned the Antibes chapel and got it ready for District meeting. Then we ate at a member's house! T. and S. he is Tahitian and she was just baptized last month!! They fed us tahitianized chow mein and they showed us a video of Tahiti!!! I now want to go there on my honeymoon!!! It was so beautiful there!!!!
Thursday: District meeting. we have a huge push on finding through family history and it is called "Project Elijah".... It is a good way to find and contact, but they want us to use the "My Family3 booklet and it is really awkward to use on the street. Then after District Mtg, I went on an exchange to Nice with the Zone ??, Elder S. The city of Nice was beautiful as always, and I taught English class to a couple of nonmember bus drivers! oh man they were hilarious!!! I could definitely see them getting baptized! 
Friday: We went to RCM and CDP. On the bus ride over, I was sitting there, and I saw a man who kept looking at me. I heard a voice in my head tell me "He knows who you are. Talk to him." I asked him if he knew the Mormons, and he said that 30 years ago there was a young girl that took him to the ward activities! I thought that was so cool!!! He was born in '68, but he did not look that old!! I asked him if he would want to come to our church again, but he said he had a church. Then as I spoke to him about religion, the old lady next to him chimed in. I asked her if she went to the same church and she said yeah, but that she didn't go every Sunday like him. Then I asked her if she wanted to go to church!! She shot me down, but then I turned to the kid next to me and asked him if he wanted to go to church because he was the only one not talking! Then as I asked him, haha both the Catholics looked at me and said "no!! he has a mosque!!" hahaha French people loll! But as I spoke to this man about his beliefs, the whole back of the bus seemed to turn in and listen to me. Two teenage girls couldn’t help but lean in closer as they stood nearby and stared intently. The man behind me turned in his seat and was listening. The Mom and daughter next to us were fixated on our conversation. Even my comp was glued to this conversation!! It was so amazing! God really has given me a gift: a powerful voice that people cannot help but listen to. I have seen it before, but never to this magnitude! I feel so honored!!
Saturday: We interviewed the sister's baptism candidates.... they both can't be baptized.... they are ready and worthy, but they don’t have permission from the father, and they are living with a man who generously took them in during their time of need.... it is a very sad and frustrating situation..... Lots of tears.....
Sunday: Oh my gosh this day was a miracle.... It was so great. I had a couple of experiences that I cannot begin to describe. They are really personal too and I hold them sacred. But I know that God lives and that I do His work. I can feel His power behind me and in front of me and in me. This is the Church of Christ. This is Him.
Well it has been another great week!! I love you!!! thank you for your prayers :') I appreciate the help <3
Your son,        Elder Nick Benjamin Martin
Me and Antoine! My twin! lol

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