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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Week 16 February 16, 2015 Valentine's Weekend

Julia at the Swiss Temple
P-Day with a member our age and my newest haircut.

I am tired and beat....It has been rainy here which is partially why I am a little depressed.... And being away from family doesn't help. I guess it is God breaking me down so that I can rely on Him more.... I guess.... This is really hard.... 

I got to sing for the Ward last Saturday night! I am known as the Cowboy from Washington haha so I thought it would be appropriate if I sang Johnny Cash! "Won't Back Down" is what I sang! The Ward went nuts! They loved it! I will figure a way to get it sent to you! I think you will enjoy it! haha  (this is kinda amazing because I'd posted a picture of Nick wearing his cowboy hat and said how much I missed my cowboy on Sunday).

I gave myself another haircut! and now i started using "wet look" gel, so my hair looks wet! It looks really good I think haha

Well the sister missionaries used my account last time and left me with 79 minutes so I am out of time..... sorry.... I love you so much <3 Keep praying for me! I do have happy days, so don't worry! today was good until I got thinking about home... emails make me cry every time.....

I love you mom <3

Your son, 
Elder Nick Martin

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