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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Week 14, February 2, 2015 No Transfer for Me

Hiiii!!! :)  I am staying in Antibes for another transfer so hopefully we can get some baptisms!!

I love you too! I am a lot more happier :) I had a really good Sunday yesterday. It was the happiest I ever felt! There was a girl getting baptized yesterday, the sisters in our ward found her. I got to sing with another sister for her little baptism! She is such a cute little girl! Stella :) I love the ward!  And we had a pizza party last night at our ward mission leaders house!!! Delicious!! The Perez family is just the best!! 
I go to Lyon this week for bleus conference! It is going to be a lot colder there than here along the sea! I actually might have to break out my coat hahaha :) but it will be fun!! I gave myself a hair cut too!! I didn't do too bad of a job! I will get a selfie and send that next week! 
And the language is coming along too!! It is far from perfect but I understand a little more every week! and speaking of course! haha sometimes the members have a hard time understanding my thick American accent haha life is going great and I am fighting the good fight! and walking a lot! my feet might fall off!! haha

Tell Mysti sorry and that she has been in my prayers everyday. I haven't missed a day and I feel that she will get her surgery.

Thank you mom for your love <3 I love you so much!!

Talk to you soon!! Love, Elder Nick Martin
My District before Transfers I am staying in Antibes with my trainer, Elder Garside. The black man is Alberto, our ward missionary. He is Portuguese and is learning French too! doing better than I am! He is really funny :)

View of the Swiss Alps from our apartment.


Piece of glass I removed from my foot, no wonder walking was painful.

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