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Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 15 February 9, 2015 Bleu's Conference in Lyon

I sent a package today! You will probably get it in about 10 days if customs doesn’t stop it. I really wish it wasn't so expensive!! It’s stupid! It cost me 36 euros to send 1.8 kg! Outrageous!! I might have to just hang on to the stuff that I buy.... I sent home a bunch of Swiss chocolate! Can’t really hang on to that for two years though haha :) 

Dad really is a great guy and I am lucky that through the plan of God that I ended up with him as a dad and you as a mom.  Aww poor grandpa! Tell him that I miss him!!
The French is coming along haha I am not perfect, but it is a miracle of God that I can understand the amount I do! They teach you French in the MTC and then you have to relearn it here in France because they speak so differently!! Haha but I keep getting better every day! I can sing, but not that well... My comp makes me sing fast songs. At first it was hard to say the words, but it helps me read faster and not have to be slow and sound out every word like a first grader haha so yeah! But I will sing to you on your Birthday/ Mother's Day! :) The next time we Skype! It’s only like three months away! Crazy!!

The weather was bad for half the week but now it is sunny again! Super sweet and warm! Sweater weather. We tried to go to a fort today, but it was closed on Monday’s lol so maybe some other time! I want to show you all these awesome pictures but I don’t know how to get Dropbox to work!!
I sleep on the mattresses now. They do help a little. I was really tired and grumpy this week. Well tired and broken. I was depressed all week.... but then Sunday came a long and now I am happy. I wrote about it in the letter I put in the package. It will explain everything.

I went back to Lyon for my bleu's conference! It was very cold and very snowy! I slept in a robe on the first night because there were no blankets! I am so glad that a parting elder gave me that robe because the parts of my body that weren’t covered were absolutely freezing!!! But it was nice to see Elder Landry! MTC reunion haha
This is a picture I took today! How do you like the haircut I gave myself?

Well I am off!! I got to write a lot of people today!! Thank you for your love and support. I really need it always.... I am weak without you. 

Tell everyone that I love them  :)
Talk to you later!!
Elder Nick Benjamin Martin
A cathedral in Lyon, France.

Apparently there is a movie/film festival every year or so in Cannes! the whole town has these murals and pictures of famous celebs everywhere!! (if he only knew how famous it is or is he just joking with us??)

A cool tower in Cannes!

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